Robert Bernstein

When I am asked: "So, what do you do?" I respond: "I am an NGO officer, journalist, photographer, writer & editor." This has evolved into my advising NGO's based in Africa & the Caribbean on raising their profile & visibility.

For almost 30 years I served the children of New York City as an educator. Looking back, they educated me probably as much as I taught them.

My work in journalism has taken me to many places - the underground hip hop scene of Brooklyn, New York, Kingston, Jamaica and Seward, Alaska. I have maintained a lifelong interest in international affairs, cultures and economics.

My body of work encompasses the areas of development, education, governance, sustainability and technology. In addition, I support the United Nations Charter & Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As someone who is involved in strategizing for the future, I have two solid beliefs:

  • Education is ongoing and essential to self improvement.
  • Past experience is invaluable in the decision making process.

The world we want tomorrow is based on our current behavior - we must always consider the consequences of our actions.